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Recommended by a friend – so glad l did this simple test. Fast efficient service containing so much helpful information. Will definitely make some adjustments to my lifestyle on the back of my report. Thank you


I cannot thank these people enough. i have been feeling so terribly ill now for many many months. the best few $’s i have spent. Dr’s could not fine out what was wrong and it took the hair sample to discover what was actually wrong. thank you so much. it has been much appreciated.

Sheila Nicholas

Highly recommend this professional and precise company. Simple instructions and very fast results to receive a fountain of knowledge and finally an answer to some questions I had been wondering about for a long long time. Fascinating and concise answers I had been waiting for. Customer service team highly efficient particularly Lillie who was of great help to myself. Outstanding service. Thankyou

List Kerry

I have been unwell for several months with no reason and decided to do an intolerance test to reach some answers. I received my results very quickly and it flagged up several intolerances that I would never have thought to cut out, but a few days of cutting them out and I am already feeling better. Customer service was great too, very fast when I had an inquiry and very friendly. Would recommend.


This testing was a kind of life change for me. I’ve suffered for years not realising what I was eating was my trigger to these issues. Avoiding certain foods has made my life much more comfortable. Thank you


I would really recommend this test to everybody!! You get results very quickly in a concise and easy to understand document.


Salmon came up on my test, I have eliminated this from my diet and I cannot believe how good I feel, So much more energy and less lethargic, thank you so much!

Becky B

I had some desperate health issues but after doing the test and avoiding certain foods I cannot believe how good I am feeling!

Jeremy N

I am not one for leaving reviews but I am so pleased with my results. After years of suffering with inflamed joints my test results showed I was intolerant to many varieties of nuts. I have cut these out and they have improved dramatically! Easy to use and great feedback through email. The info I received was very thorough and easy to read through. I cannot thank you enough!


Very easy to order and use. Quick response, no frills testing with great informative results. Thanks so much. I am now thinking of ordering one for all the family!


After buying this but changing my mind about taking the test, I was offered a no quibble, full refund without hesitation. I know this isn’t a review but good customer service is invaluable and I wanted to say thank you! For that alone I would recommend you to my friends and family.


The test was just as explained. My results were quick and informative, some I guessed I had an intolerance to but others I hadn’t a clue so look forward to cutting these from my diet to see if it helps with the current health conditions I have.


Excellent quick service, confirming the foods I am intolerant to plus others. Highly recommend.


Excellent quick service, confirming the foods I am intolerant to plus others. Highly recommend.


Why have I not found this sooner! Wow! Cannot believe the difference this has made to everything – from my mood swings, my energy, my skin, I just feel so much fresher. Clearly certain things did not agree with me at all and after cutting them all out I started to feel better almost straight away. Three weeks in and I cannot recommend this enough! I just hope I continue to feel this way.


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